Though I work in a cinema & spend the majority of my time there, I haven’t actually had any time to go see new movies as of late. The last time was a couple of weeks back on a day off with my coworker, to see:

Going in Style

I had been really excited by this film, because I am a massive fan of Zach Braff’s first film as a director, Wish I Was Here from 2014. He has something I really admire in filmmakers in that he really puts every part of himself in to what he makes.

Anyway, his latest work is brilliant. It’s about three elderly guys, all of whom have had their pensions cut off & are closing to losing everything they have. So, they decide to rob a bank.

Sounds amazing already – except those three guys are played by Alan Arkin, Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman. OH MY GODDDDDD.

It also features young actress & frequent collaborator with Zach Braff, Joey King as Caine’s granddaughter/ best friend. AND there’s a supporting role from Christopher Lloyd. Even if the film was terrible it would be great with this cast (it’s really good though!).

It’s such a heartwarming story that will have you laughing the whole way through. There’s action, there’s humour, there’s endearing moments & a PUG PUPPY. 

Shoutout to the soundtrack too, which is of course brilliant.
The comic timing from these legends is amazing, & the three of them together is just brilliant. In all honesty, I do prefer Wish I Was Here because it’s more meaningful & artsy. But Going in Style is just so wholesome & lovely you can’t not love it – it’s just wonderful in a different way.

Honestly it’s one of those films that reminds you of why you love films – it just makes you feel so happy. It’s the ultimate feel good film that can brighten any day. 


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