I asked my followers on twitter whether ‘past year’ meant the last twelve months or for 2017, & though it was close, this is what they decided:

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I’m kind of glad they picked 2017 because otherwise it would mean ANOTHER blog post about Arrival & I think you’ll all be fed up with that.

Instead, I’m talking about Lion.

This is the most beautiful film. How it didn’t win a single Oscar it was nominated for is beyond me.

It’s the most heartwarming & soul affirming film about a lost boy searching for home. And it’s a true story.
Saroo Brierley was only 5 when he got seperated from his family & his hometown by thousands of miles, & was lost for so long he was evantuallg adopted by a Tasmanian couple. After a happy upbringing, as an adult he decides to try & search for his home.

Saroo is played by Sunny Pawar & Dev Patel, both of whom are incredible. The rest of the cast are amazing too – especially Nicole Kidman who is just phenomenal.

I was told by others that this was a good film, but lacked in emotion. Boy were they wrong, because I SOBBED. I literally cried my contour off. I also work in a cinema, & almost everyone who left that screening was in tears.

It’s the most incredible story that is almost unbelievable in how amazing it is. 

I really can’t recommend it enough. There’s yet to be another film this year that tops it.
You can read my full review of Lion here.


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