Without a doubt, The Girl on the Train.

The book blew my mind. Honestly I hadn’t read anything that exciting since god knows when & I was ecstatic when I heart they were making it into a movie because I thought it would be incredible on the big screen. Boy was I wrong.

Before I start, I want to make it absolutely clear that while the film was massively disappointing & just stupid, Emily Blunt was sensational. She was the only redeeming quality of this film & an absolute testament to incredible acting.

I feel like it was chopped unnecessarily. So many scenes ended without logical explanation that I feel would have been confusing if you hadn’t read the book & been able to piece together – like when Luke Evans was angry & then suddenly was in Emily Blunt’s bed?

There was a good film in there but there was so much missing from it – whether it just didn’t make it to the final cut or didn’t even make it into the screenplay is another question.
And really – Rebecca Ferguson’s wig was AWFUL.

The book was everything the film was not: intriguing, suspenseful, unsuspecting & unputdownable. The film made a great story seem bland. 
You can read my full review of The Girl on the Train here.



  1. I have not seen this movie.
    Matt, another writer at our site, saw it and figured no one else really should.
    I did read the book. I read it because of Matt. Because he had a weird encounter with a salesperson at a book store where he happens to also buy his morning Starbucks. He was fishing in his bag for his lactose-intolerance pill before being on his way with his drink when a sales person persistently engaged him in conversation. He thought she was cute so he stayed. She pointed to a shelf of these books to recommend it, to which he wittily responded: “I like trains.” They actually ended up going out for a while, and I hoped to one day recount this story at their wedding. It was not to be.

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