Don’t hate me – Frozen.

Before you @ me or flood the comments with outrage – I do love this film. I just think that the hype surrounding it is excessive & has made the film something it’s not: groundbreaking.

So many people praise it as “finally” being a Disney film where the female lead doesn’t have a Prince, & to that I’d like to say: Mulan, Brave & Lilo & Stitch. Yes it’s cool that Disney is branching away from always going to that ‘a Princess can’t be without a Prince’ thing but that’s not new.

Also while the songs are good, a few stop a little short & there also isn’t another film past Fixer-Upper which just feels weird. 

I love the actors, I love the animation (except for Anna’s bed head I just don’t think it looks real), & i love the songs, but I don’t think it’s as iconic or meaningful or powerful as other Disney films, even though I do love the whole message of being who you are & all that. 

It’s nearly 4 years since it came out & still half the Disney store is solely their merchandise. I just feel like it’s been milked too much.

It is a beautiful story about two sisters being able to be themselves & I love that, but the hype did tarnish it. 



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