Did not have to think for a second about this one:

Sing Street

So many people will be reading this & think “never heard of it” & that’s why I’m writing about it. 

It’s John Carney’s third film following his Oscar winning Once from 2007 & 2013’s Begin Again. I already loved both of these films so I wasn’t worried that I wouldn’t like a third one bit.

It’s about a group of boys in 1980s Ireland who start up a band to impress a girl. And it’s SO GOOD.

It’s full of fresh faces talents from young actors, loads of amazing original songs & quite a few rabbits. 

I’m going to put a bit more attention on the songs because WOW. They are amazing. So classic eighties style that it’s hard to believe they were written for a modern film, so catchy & meaningful & perfectly works with the story. Riddle of the Model is brilliant with a little bit of cheese, Brown Shoes is a power anthem & Drive it Like You Stole It is GENIUS. 

Sing Street deserves SO much more love than it’s getting. It was totally ignored at the Oscars & by the media in general for no apparent reason.

Give it a watch – it’s on Netflix. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

You can read my full review of Sing Street here.


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