Today is TOUGH. I have no idea how to round it down to one character. My favourite character from anything ever is Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – but that’s the television show one (never the movie one). 

Another thing is that I’ve tried to write about something new every post in this month long challenge & not recycle stuff I’ve already posted about hundreds of times.

With those two in mind, & knowing that this full list could go on & on & on & on – I think I’ve found my character.  


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Madeline fan – as a Madeleine myself I was bombarded with Madeline merchandise growing up because I was so close to the name so I did effectively grow up with her. 
The 1998 film version is an amazing Madeline come to life from the original stories by Ludwig Bemelmans. Hatty Jones is PERFECT as this slightly sassy, extremely headstrong & extraordinary young girl that I will love forever.

Madeline is a tiny child who has gone through a lot. After loosing her parents she lives in a boarding school with eleven other girls & her teacher Miss Clavel (who I was this close to writing about today), & gets up to a whole load of adventures, from meeting tigers in the zoo; getting her appendix taken out, becoming friends with a ‘bad hat’; even being abducted by a travelling circus. But throughout it all she remains the beautiful character inside, helpful & hopeful & never giving up. 

PLUS she has an amazing dog named Genevieve – a dog who she met after she saved the little girl from drowning in the Seine might I add. Some day I’m going to get a beautiful golden retriever & name her Genevieve too.

And of course – Paris is her home. She really is living my ideal life. 

Madeline is brave, loyal, smart, funny & real all at the same time. 

In an animated version there’s a song about how “she may be very tiny, but inside she’s tall”.

And even though I’m tall on the outside already, I aspire to be as tall as Madeline on the inside every day too.



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