I love documentaries, both films & series. Nature ones fascinate me, history ones astound me & ones about people just really 

I love how a documentary can give you all the information about one thing in a normally unbiased way – by the end of it you know so much about a topic you may not have even been interested in beforehand.

I’m so interested in people & stories about them, so it’s no surprise that my favourite documentary is:


I cannot remember how I found out about this documentary, but I do know that I as soon as I did I had to hunt it down & watch it (luckily it was added to Netflix almost immediately after its release so I didn’t have to hunt hard).

It’s about two women, Sam & Anaïse, from different countries & different backgrounds finding each other & discovering they’re twins.

Each was adopted separately as a child without each set of adoptive parents knowing they even had siblings. 

It wasn’t until Sam – an actress, featured in a short film that circulated online was seen by Anaïs’s friends in 2013 that they discovered each other.

The documentary was started by Sam, completed by both her & Anaïs & follows the whole crazy journey of them finding each other, meeting each other & trying to figure out what happened to make them separated all in real time.

It’s so creatively & passionately put together – vlogging is merged with professionally recorded footage, live chats of text conversations & even animation. Every bit feels as exciting & as terrifying as it did to everyone involved.

It’s a really amazing story, really amazingly put together. I highly recommend you watch it.


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