I’ll save you from that whole spiel that if you take pleasure in something harmless then you shouldn’t be guilty about it & just answer the question:

Fired Up!

First thing you should know about me: I am a sucker for cheerleader movies & have seen quite a lot. Secondly, you should know that nothing will ever top Bring it On because that is genuinely a brilliant film. 

Basically it’s about two footballers, both notorious for being massive players & getting all the ladies. They find out about a cheer camp, realise it’s a place full of hot cheerleaders for weeks in the summer & decide to trade football for cheerleading.

The reason I love Fired Up! so much is that it is fully aware that it is ridiculous, & it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. It is however funny, heartwarming, romantic, laddy & cheesy all in one go.

They’re also more than aware that Bring it On is a cheerleader movie that will never be topped – there’s a scene at the camp where everyone is watching it & quoting along to every word.

I have in the past watched it twice in a row immediately after the first viewing. For my nineteenth, my sister made me a Fired Up! card. 

I just really like it.


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