Come on. There’s no question.

Singin’ in the Rain

This is the first classic film I ever watched, & though I’ve seen a lot since this will always be my favourite.

The story, the characters, the musical numbers, the dancing – it’s all incredible. Gene Kelly is wonderful, Donald O’Connor is genius & Debbie Reynolds is just charming. It’s one of the best film trios of all time.

Cosmo Brown is one of my favourite characters of all time, & Make ‘Em Laugh gets me every single time. It’s a brilliant performance with comedy at its absolute essence & Donald O’Connor just lives & breathes it.

But it’s Debbie Reynolds as Kathy that I adore – she was only nineteen when they filmed it & famously said it was one of the two hardest things she ever did, the other being childbirth. She is wonderful & I’m still in awe of her today. 

The Good Mornin’ number is my favourite – not only is visually stunning with it’s near incomprehensible choreography; so well acted & totally iconic, but it’s also the song my mum used to wake my sister & I up with in the mornings (she changed “we talked the whole night through” to “slept the whole night through”).

And we can’t forget Lina Lamont – literally one of the greatest characters ever to be written in the history of film & Jean Hagen is BRILLIANT.

It made me interested in classic Hollywood – the glitz & the glamour when it all felt truly exciting & fresh. And of course I love any film that’s about making a film.
It is perfect in every way. I love love love it & know it like the back of my hand.



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