There are far too many movies to this list – I even wrote a big blog post about my favourites back in August. 

But in honour of my vow to not repeat blog posts, I’m going to say something new:

The Great Gatsby (2013)

This soundtrack is GENIUS. It’s all modern songs put against the twenties backdrop specifically designed to give the viewers the same feeling of fresh exciting music that the twenties did bring. 

On the other side of this is modern songs sung in a twenties style: from Beyoncé to Amy Winehouse these really are amazing. 

Then the middle ground – original songs that are modern but blended with twenties style – best example is Will.I.Am’s Bang Bang (which I’m actually obsessed with).

And then there’s the stunning track written & performed for the film from Lana Del Rey in Young & Beautiful. It’s iconic & gorgeous & she just suits the aesthetics of the film so well – it was the perfect pairing.

Bad Luhrman’s choice in music played a big part in his vision for the film, made it fresh & exciting yet not out of place for the era. It was a ballsy move but it really paid off.


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