I have to say, I’m a little disappointed to be having to end this challenge on a sour note. I do find it difficult to hate films, but I’m actually okay with this as my answer:


I was this close to choosing The Green Inferno – a film I disliked so much I vowed to swear off Eli Roth films all together. But at least Green Inferno has some sort of political message about it, even if it is as horrific as female genital mutilation. Plus, it had the dude from Spy Kids in it. 

But I’m talking about the first Hostel today – the second actually has some level of plot & cool female characters that make up for seeing Lily from The Princess Diaries being strung up naked & murdered. The first Hostel is just plain gore, without a major storyline or characters & is essentially just 94 minutes of watching people be tortured.

Basically it’s about this organisation of people so rich they pay to torture backpackers staying in hostels. That’s it.

I can stomach gore when it’s part of a story, but when it’s senseless it all just feels a little too sadistic & fetishised. 

It’s gross. I’m worried about Eli Roth.

That marks the end of my May movie challenge! It’s been a challenge for sure, & im sure you’ve all seen the days where I’ve posted at 11.30pm & just made the cut. But I did it! Thirty consecutive days of blogging, with some additional posts thrown in as well! 
I admit I was starting to get a bit stuck on blogging but this has made me not stress about it – I’m back to loving it.
You’ll be seeing more of me very soon.
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  1. A lot of films I disliked are films I was stuck watching in high school after reading the book that the movie is based off. I honestly strongly dislike the Hunger Games movies because they are way too violent and don’t like Twilight series either due to vampires or even the Marvel movies.

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