THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR | fivethreeninety 

A whole six hours have passed since BBC revealed it’s new Doctor Who & I am just getting more & more excited.

The actor playing the thirteenth rendition of the world renowned character will be Jodie Whittaker.

That’s right – IT’S A WOMAN !! 2017 IS FOR WOMEN & I AM SO HERE FOR IT.

Jodie’s past work includes both Broadchurch & Black Mirror, both of which she was highly praised for, & also known for her role as Beverly the receptionist in the more recent St Trinian’s films (which I love). 

While this is HUGE, HUGE news & a massive step in progression that is making history, of course the conversation is fifty fifty. 
It’s a woman playing a role that’s previously only gone to a man, yes people are going to have to adjust a little but it’s not a big deal. She’ll be the same character, just slightly different. You know, like how every single Doctor before her has been…

“Not everyone critical of Jodie Whittaker being the Doctor is a misogynist” – she literally hasn’t done anything as the Doctor yet, so…. maybe you are. Have a little think.

And of course, there’s all the one’s saying that the BBC is only casting a woman as a political move. It’s not like they picked a random female & presented her with the role – Jodie has worked for this, & hard. 

This isn’t a gimmick – sadly it’s actually a huge risk. So the company WILL have taken the time to find someone who fits the role to a tee. Trust them on this – they’re the ones who literally run this show & know it back to front. 

I think what’s making most guys angry about it is that things aren’t being catered solely towards them anymore & they’re being bitter babies about it. Can’t they just think about what this means? 

Kids are seeing options presented to them in a way that will feel totally natural to them. And adults are seeing that people don’t care about you whiny baby problems.

This is a show where characters like these exist:

Why is it so hard to believe that one of their fellow aliens could be a female?

And I’m sorry – but if you can believe that John Barrowman can turn into a giant tentacled head in a box you can believe that the Doctor can have a vagina.

I am so excited. These are some things I want to see happen:
 ⁃ The Doctor running around space with her female companion having fun #girlsontour
 ⁃ The Doctor having to learn what experiencing sexism is like

Whenever this season starts, we all need to tune in, regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. Because you bet there will be a ton of people boycotting it out of pettiness – we need to make it the most successful it’s been in years.

Welcome to the role Jodie. I’m so excited to see what can happen with it.


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