If you’ve somehow missed it, tomorrow comes the long awaited war film, Dunkirk, from acclaimed film-maker Christopher Nolan.

Everyone is buzzing about it – which is why I couldn’t write this post alone. A big warm welcome to QuickFire Reviews, who’s joining me today to look over the cast of Dunkirk!

As with most films directed by Nolan, not only is the excitement and interest fever-pitch by film-fans everywhere, but an impressive cast has been assembled.
Though there’s an array of fresh talent, it wouldn’t quite be a Nolan film without some familiar faces. Nolan seems loyal to his actors as they seem loyal to him, with multiple actors returning to create a blend of a perfect cast.


Tom Hardy


In his third collaboration with Nolan, Tom Hardy plays a pilot named Farrier. Hardy has really proved himself to be a unique talent in his acting style: always strong, always tough but always with a relatable aspect to him. Even as villain Bain in Dark Knight Rises (where he created a now infamous voice), there were moments in his character where an audience did sympathise with him.
My personal favourite performance of his has to be his Cbeebies Bedtime Story (only half joking). For me, he tops it in 2015’s Legend, where he portrays both of the legendary Kray twins. With Brian Hegeland’s direction, the subtleties Hardy manages to get across while playing these two obviously similar yet totally different brothers put him in another league of acting in my eyes, that’s almost incomparable.


Hardy’s back, & this time playing a Royal Air Force pilot. The English actor has previously collaborated with the Nolan on the modern-classic blockbuster Inception and in the final chapter of the director’s lauded Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises. The latter of the two mentioned I view as my favourite of what I’ve seen from the actor, and his most memorable role. Boasting a menacing physique, and chilling line delivery, Hardy’s Bane in Rises, was an exceptional performance by any standard. Hardy’s other work include the fan-favourite Mad Max: Fury Road & The Revenant and will next be seen in Marvel & Sony’s Venom and even making a cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Given the success Dunkirk is most likely to receive commercially and already critically, it seems unlikely this is the last time the star will pair with Nolan.


Cillian Murphy

I feel I am always left in utter astonishment at Murphy’s performances, to the point where it’s hard for me to narrow it down to a favourite. He is exceptional at creating a multi faceted character that perfectly rounds out a group. He can be downright terrifying and also completely endearing, which makes him as an actor both obscenely inspirational & also one to be feared.

My recomendation for the greatest example of his skill has to be last year’s Anthropoid, a film experience like no other that you really have to see.



Hardy isn’t the only regular to Nolan’s calibre of work. Cillian Murphy first appeared as the Scarecrow in Batman Begins and further made cameos in the sequels. Murphy also starred in Inception and in Dunkirk plays a soldier. As you may be able to tell, like any Nolan movie, a lot of the details are under-wraps until release.

Murphy has received praise for his performances in other features such as The Wind That Shakes the Barley and TV’s Peaky Blinders. One of my favourite actors and inspirations from having been a native from where I’m achieving incredible accolades and success, one of my favourite performances of his is in Anthropoid another war-film which recently dropped on Netflix UK. A tremendous watch.

Harry Styles


Now, we all know that this film isn’t all about Harry. But I have to say I am becoming increasingly excited to see it – obviously as this is his acting debut, I’m basing this solely off my knowledge of Style’s already incredible talent for music (I wouldn’t call myself a directioner by any means but yeah, the band’s music was enjoyable & yes, I did go on a silly girls night to see them on their last tour). But the strength from Harry’s back catalog without a doubt comes from his debut self titled solo album of this year.
I also wholeheartedly trust Christopher Nolan. His casting decisions have only ever worked massively in his favour, & reviews coming in all speak praise of Styles’ performance.


A consistent point of conversation in the media is the involvement of singer Harry Styles, who recently released a rather fantastic album in my opinion. Marking his acting debut, Styles plays Alex. As great as the cream of the crop of acting talents featured in Nolan’s filmography are what is equally exciting is the bold, seemingly out-of-nowhere casting decisions in his movies.

Many were outraged at the decision to cast Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight yet, as most will agree, it turned out to be one of the greatest performances in cinematic. For that reason, one of the things that excites me the most is to see these young talents display their acting chops, in a fact-based tale surrounded by some of Hollywood’s finest.

Fresh blood on screen is often exciting and refreshing to watching. Fionn Whitehead, who more and more seems like the face of the picture is a relative newcomer, appearing only in small television roles prior to this $150million production.

And then of course, there’s the greats: Mark Rylance & Kenneth Branagh. I don’t need to spell out either’s talents – both are British greats with multiple Academy Award & BAFTA nominations & wins under their belts. As beloved as they are talented, there’s no doubt these performances will be added to their highlight reels immediately upon release.

Christopher Nolan seems incapable of making a less than-stellar technical movie and with the cast experienced and new assembled, this historical battle looks set to make for a thrilling experience on the big-screen.


I think the thing that feels most impressive about this cast is how collaborative it seems. Despite what the media is saying about Harry Styles, there doesn’t seem to be one big star in the lead: these acting greats are instead coming together to work on a film that really feels important.

I cannot wait to see this.


A note from QFR:

Big thanks to fivethreeninety for giving me the chance to collaborate on her blog. I’m QuickFire Reviews and I hope you enjoy Dunkirk when it releases tomorrow!


A note from me:

It’s been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with QuickFire Reviews today – you’re welcome anytime on fivethreeninety. Be sure to see his review of Dunkirk when it comes, & of course, mine will be here soon too.


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Dunkirk is in cinemas tomorrow.


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