Tonight is the night, the one we’ve all been waiting for – it’s the Academy Awards! 

I am thrilled to say that this year, I’m collaborating with a whole bunch of other film bloggers to create the ultimate series of posts discussing our predictions for this year’s ceremony. We picked names out of a hat, and I have been lucky enough to have nabbed the two Actress categories, both leading and supporting performances.

So here are mine, and with input from the others’ predictions on who will be the well deserved two to be going home with those golden statuettes. I have also linked everyone’s posts discussing other categories at the bottom, so make sure you follow those links to get the full collaborative experience.

These categories I am about to discuss mean so, so much to me. Each year these are the performances that inspire, move and bring hope to me. It always has and always will be the highlight of the film year. And this year is full of more than worth candidates.


Here are my predictions for the female acting categories for the Academy Awards tonight:



Firstly, as I’ve already said – what a line up. Each and every single one of the following women deserve this award and more for their respective performances in some truly beautiful films, and I have to say it has been a year more inspiring than some due to them.


Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water, without uttering a single word in the duration of the entire film conveyed such emotion, such grace beauty, complexity and courage at such an incredibly rich intensity that it was simply stunning. I am totally floored by her subtlety and her obviousness – the latter of which is not usually considered to be great acting but in this case it is gorgeous.

Frances McDormand: The current awards show favourite, in her brutally honest and heartbreaking portrayal of a grieving mother in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. She is a deeply flawed, complex and fascinating character that you really just can’t not watch, can’t not route for. She has such a fierce determination and desperation that only McDormand can bring to the table – real evidence that she is one of the greatest actors of our time.

Margot Robbie as the titular role in I, Tonya was, as filmmaker and content creator Hazel Hayes has said perfectly; “lightning in a bottle” in this role. She is unlike anything, and it’s only after when watching Robbie on red carpets and in interviews that you realise the depth of the performance and how much she totally transforms – to the point where you forget she’s an actress. That is astonishing for an A List type celebrity to accomplish.

Saoirse Ronan, who is nominated for her titular role in Lady Bird. She was phenomenal at portraying a young woman trying and trying to find her place in the world; in a role that is scarily relatable to I think anyone and everyone. She is the embodiment of that horrible early stage of having to figure out not who you are, but who you aren’t. It is both a soul affirming and simultaneously crushing performance to watch.

Meryl Streep, the legend, is nominated for The Post. Now I have to say, whilst Streep is the obvious choice for a nomination and it’s got to the point where it’s not even news anymore – she deserves this nomination for this role. She was just electric to watch, and honestly, if it had been another, less well credited actress doing the exact same thing I think there would be so much more hype about this performance. Because of her legendary status, it is actually easy to forget how extraordinary she truly is.


Will win: Frances McDormand
Want to win: Everyone? I have too much love for all of these women.

Here’s what everyone else has to say:

Martin: “McDormand has also been sweeping the board with her terrific and heartbreaking work as a mother desperately seeking answers over her child’s murder. That being said, Saorise Ronan could be something of an underdog with her beautiful performance. What’s more to say, for a film in which she has no dialogue, Sally Hawkins should also not be ruled out. A victory for any of these three would be more than worthy but the writing is on the billboard for McDormand and she should take home her second Oscar.”

Tom: “Frances McDormand’s win is guaranteed (for good reason) but it should be the sublime Sally Hawkins taking home the big prize.”

Markus: “I like Allison Janney. But Frances McDormand is unbeatable.”

Nathan: “Best Actress will go the way it has been going for months: to Frances McDormand. While her explosive performance is certainly worthy of recognition, I would hand the trophy to Sally Hawkins, for her wordless, boundless performance that will go down in history along the line. Robbie is fantastic and in many other years, I would be backing her to win — but it’s Hawkins vs McDormand all the way here. Ronan and Streep give terrific performances too, and are deserving of their spot in the line-up, showing once again that girls run the world”

Angus: “It pains me to write this but no matter how much I think Sally Hawkins had the best performance of the year, everything is pointing at a win for McDormand. McDormand does display a strong performance nonetheless but far from the best for me.”

QuickFireReviews: “Frances McDormand – but would be happy with any, best category of the year.”

Okay, now onto the equally important category that is…



There is always something so special about a supporting actress. She often is the one that makes the story whole, the glue that keeps the plot, characters and film together. And we really have been spoilt this year.



Mary J. Blige in Mudbound was totally unrecognisable. Not just physically, but emotionally and, dare I say, spiritually; which for a woman known for her personality almost as much as her talents, is just astounding. A career defining moment for a beautifully intelligent, incredible and unforgettable woman.

Allison Janney’s performance as the World’s Worst Mum in I, Tonya has left my head reeling. She is just not Allison Janney in the slightest – I can’t wrap my head around it. The performance feels so incredibly well thought out, as if Allison has it all sussed out and has placed everthing there ever so delicately.

Lesley Manville as Cyril Woodcock in Phantom Thread is basically… everything I aspire to be at some point in my life. She is calm, sophisticated, kind, sassy, bold and an all round bad bitch. My God I am obsessed with her. The chemistry she has with Daniel Day Lewis is electric; you can almost see the sparks between them playing brother and sister, and Manville not only sparring with, but in some instances stealing the whole scene from someone who’s considered to be the world’s greatest living actor just shows her talent.

Laurie Metcalfe gave me something totally unexpected in this performance. I was not expecting this to be half as emotional as it was but her as the difficult mother in Lady Bird was stunning. It would have been very easy to play her as the stern, malicious woman causing her daughter so much pain but instead, Metcalf gives a beautifully crafted, complex, painful and beautiful performance. Her one scene of her driving (you’ll know if you’ve seen the film) is the one scene that broke me – both my Mum and I wept.

Octavia Spencer was the perfect choice for this role – you can tell it was written for her. What I loved about The Shape of Water was that the two leads did not speak, at all: the script is made up of the people around them with Richard Jenkins and Spencer as the best friends especially. Yes, she oftentimes works as a translator for Hawkins’ character but she is so much more than the side line character to fill it out – she gives a powerhouse of a performance that I haven’t yet been able to put into words. She is mesmerising and instantly adored.


Will win: Allison Janney
Want to win: Everyone again? Though maybe leaning a little more towards Metcalfe…


Let’s welcome back the other’s for their opinions on Supporting Actress:

Martin: “Another very likely triumph, this time for Alison Janney. Her work as the vicious mother of Tonya Harding was uncompromising, yet at the same time very funny. Yet one could feel that Laurie Metcalf’s work opposite Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird was the much more sincere performance as a mother who also wants what’s best for her daughter but tries to be a little bit more compassionate about it. Like the previous acting categories, Janney has definitely got this one wrapped up.”

Tom: “This category is also pretty strong this year – Allison Janney will win and she’d be my pick too. Though Lesley Manville would also be thoroughly deserving.”

Markus: “Blige.”

Nathan: “Supporting Actress is also clear-cut. Allison Janney will take the podium yet again this award season, although she wouldn’t be my first pick — Lesley Manville, Octavia Spencer and Laurie Metcalf would be my preferences for this strong category. That said, my pick didn’t even make the line-up; Tatiana Maslany, I love you and your day will come”

Angus: “Janney seems to steal every scene that she appears in giving an incredibly humourous performance amongst the craziness of I, Tonya.”

QuickFireReviews: “I’d love for Octavia to get but I know she has no chance”

I am so, unbelievably excited to see who will be next to win these awards. Like I said, there are few things that inspire me more (or make me more emotional) than seeing an incredible woman win one of these two awards at any film ceremony, but especially the Academy Awards.

My all time favourite, moment came from last years awards, when the winner of the Best Actress from 2016’s ceremony greeted that year’s winner, Emma Stone backstage immediately after she had won. I cry every time I watch the footage, and wish I could have it on a constant loop and framed in my room for inspiration. I can’t even put it into words: it makes me believe that I can do it too.


That’s me done! Now, it’s time to check out the predictions for all the other categories! Below I have linked to each other persons’ post giving us the run down on their predictions for their selected categories:

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Happy Oscars night!

I’ll be watching live, so follow me on twitter if you are too to chat along with me!

And of course, you should also follow all of the other guys involved in this collaboration. They all produce amazing content that is definitely more than worth your time.



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