If you hadn’t noticed, it’s October; aka, Halloween (because we all know it lasts the whole month).

Honestly I can’t believe it’s taken me eleven whole days before posting something, but I’m finally here to rectify that with a little compilation list of some of the spookiest films out there – that aren’t actually meant to be scary.

This blog post is a part of Month of Spooks, hosted by Markus of @TheMarckoguy on twitter! This is the fourth annual MoS (as I’m going to start calling it), and I’m so excited that I’ve been able to join in on the fun!

For more information of MoS, visit Markus’s blog post here. And get involved yourself too!

The criteria for a film to meet this list (I’ve decided) is that is can’t be listed as a horror genre film – even a thriller is pushing it a little; and when I say scary, I mean genuine, heart pounding, covering your eyes fear.

Let’s go!


Pan’s Labyrinth

What appears to be a sweet little fantasy film about a young girl having some big adventures is actually a dark, twisted and downright terrifying tale with a very casual appearance of what is now one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time. 

Even horror legend Stephen King flinched watching that scene, which just about sums it all up.


Hacksaw Ridge

What starts as a sweet Nicholas Sparks style film suddenly becomes harrowing the second these soldiers cross over the ridge and onto the battlefield. It is one of the scariest, most horrific ten minutes of cinema when they get on there – gory, graphic and tenser than anything else.



Hello? The chokey???? The scene were Trunchball comes BACK TO THE HOUSE when Matilda is IN THERE??? It’s too much for my little heart to handle.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Would this post be complete without a mention of the character who messed with all our childhoods in this unassuming family film? Yep, I’m talking about the Child Catcher. I honestly don’t know a single person who wasn’t beyond freaked out by the now iconic character who, as his name suggests, makes a living by abducting children. I actually truly apologise for using his photo as the featured image for this post – I hope it doesn’t affect your sleep tonight.


James & the Giant Peach

This is a really great film. But big clouds of rhinos in the sky?!! No thank you!


That One Episode of the Simpsons Where Lisa Frees the Dolphins & they Kill Everyone

Not a film. But pretty self explanatory. I’m not even going to let myself google it to find out the actual title. 

Actually, the ending of the Japan episode also freaked me out with Godzilla and all the other beasts casually chilling around the plane. I can see why it’s good tv but do they really have to hit me with it at six thirty in the evening? It really freaked me out as a kid.



Growing up, a video tape I watched religiously was my mum’s copy of Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume II music videos. I loved, and still love every single one of those songs, and every one of those videos except for track six – Innuendo. The video is (as far as I can remember) animation, with a lot of theatres, clay and weird colourful renditions of Freddie Mercury. There’s nothing necessarily scary about it but my GOD did it give me the creeps.

To this day, I can’t listen to that one song. It’s deleted on my phone, and when I listen to it on cassette in my little old car I just turn it down so low I can’t hear it until I think it’s over.


Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

The story goes: Christopher Robin goes to school for the first time. He doesn’t want to tell Pooh and friends that he’ll be leaving them so he leaves them a note saying he has gone to “skul” (get it – because he can’t spell yet). This leads the gang to adventure off to find him, and at one point they’re in a cave and a SKULL gets wedged on Eeyore’s FACE and Piglet is SCREAMING and I am SOBBING.

It’s a bit much for me.


The Woman in Black

Now – I know this is actually a horror film but it is only rated a UK 12! That’s a US PG-13. And I would honestly class it as one of the scariest horror films I’ve ever seen – I once watched it with a friend who got so scared his braces got stuck in the blanket he was hiding behind. My uncle screamed at the television – and I have yet to watch it without feeling sick or crying.

There was also an incident the night after I saw the film at the cinema: I’d recently bought a big canvas print, and it was still in the plastic wrapping leaning against the wall opposite to my bed. I was in bed, about to go to sleep and turned off my bedside lamp only to then see a WOMAN’S FACE AT THE END OF MY BED. I have never truly feared for my life than in those few seconds before I realised it was the reflection of my phone lighting up my face.


Putting this in writing has made me sound a little bit unhinged, I am sure. Can you relate to any of these? Let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me!

Thanks again to Markus for letting me be a little part in this, make sure you take a look at the stuff he’s doing over on his blog.

Be prepared to see a lot more spooky content on my blog over the next couple of weeks!


Markus’ twitter
Markus’ blog



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