I am generally a pretty positive person.

But – there are a few things that really annoy me in films. So many in fact, that back in April of 2017 I wrote a blog post about it.

But unfortunately there are more I have to share, so get ready for volume two of my film pet peeves.

Weddings that go wrong

I just can’t handle it. I know – it proves that the day is about the love between two people and not the event blah blah blah; but all the people they know and love are there; they spent so much money and it’s a WEDDING. It’s too much.

Culprits: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Slow motion

There is nothing more eighties/ nineties than slow motion in a pivotal moment in a film. It’s an effect that aged very badly, and just looks proper cheesy now.

Culprit: Jack Frost

Films that end on a freeze frame

Is this Windows Movie Maker?

Culprits: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

Good characters being killed off only to progress the main character’s plot

It’s so disappointing to see really cool characters eradicated from the story purely to focus the on how it affects the main character. It can be done well (for example when the death of a character is actually the plot of the film) but what I’m talking about it when a really interesting character with a lot of potential (often the female love interest) is killed for the pure purpose of changing things up with the other characters.

It’s just lazy.

Culprit: Deadpool 2


I included this one in my first pet peeves post but it really is the one thing that really gets on my nerves. I think it just looks so tacky!

Culprits: The Revenant.

What are your film pet peeves? A lot of people were quick to chip in with theirs last time, so at least we all know we’re not alone with it.

Leave a comment or tweet me to let me know!


2 thoughts on “FILM PET PEEVES VOL. 2

  1. There are certain things I do not like in films.

    Blowing things up too much where it gets too much up in your face- my reasoning behind why I DON’T like the whole Marvel franchise.

    That example is one thing I don’t like- there are some genres I will not touch: such as horror- too gruesome and too paranormal and just not for me.

    I feel like there is a NUMBER of films that come out that I am just not interested in one bit- it is rare to find a film that I even want to see it feels like.


  2. Oh my frick, I hate slow motion (John Woo, anyone?). It’s definitely an older film technique so I guess I shouldn’t flame it so much, lol.


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