It has all been leading up to this.

Today is finally, the 91st Academy Awards.

And though this year’s award season, particularly so the Oscar’s ceremony build up has not come without it’s fair share of issues (to say the least), it is still a very exciting day for me.

Year after year, it’s always the actress categories that to me are the most exciting, and almost always the least controversial because everyone can see the worthy talent in each of the nominated women.

This is a collaboration with a bunch of other bloggers, who are each taking a different category – we did the same last year and really enjoyed it, so are doing it again this year with a couple of extra people thrown into the mix.

All the other categories covered by this Motley Crue are linked at the bottom.

Right, let’s get into it.


And the nominees are…

Yalitza Aparicio

as Cleodegaria “Cleo” Gutiérrez in Roma

I know everybody goes on about that beach scene, but the one that truly froze me was the hospital scene. I get chills thinking about it.
Aparicio is one of those rare on-screen talents that comes around once in a decade who is just indescribably entrancing; someone you cannot take your eyes off. It’s like the Audrey Hepburn effect: to watch her is to fall in love with her.

Glenn Close

as Joan Castleman in The Wife

A surprise entry to the awards season race, that took a lot of people by surprise when it became serious and she started winning. And well deserved too – the skill she put into this performance is astonishing. It’s recently been revealed that it took thirteen years to make this film because no American male actor wanted to take second billing to the lead – but it seems like fate that it’s finally all come together now and worked out the way it has because wow. A brilliant performance that will go down in history as the bar for incredible acting.

Olivia Colman

as Queen Anne in The Favourite

Colman is phenomenal. No other word for it – such a specific type of effective, comedic yet endearing acting that I have nothing to compare it to. It’s the first performance of it’s kind in my eyes. She is deified yet infantilised, products of a lifetime of emotional manipulation and Colman does it effortlessly. She is so free in the role yet so dead on.
Her exaggerated rages are just as impactful as her pitiful, more ill moments and it’s her that owns the own story: all the other characters are players in her game.
If it had been any other actress, it would not have worked. Colman owned it.

Lady Gaga

as Ally Maine in A Star is Born

I remain floored by this performance. We all knew Gaga could sing: hell, she’d got nine Grammys, three Brit Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, thirteen MTV Video Music Awards, several Guinness World Records, and the inaugural Songwriters Hall of Fame’s Contemporary Icon Award all before being cast in this film.
But the levels she went to as Ally, from a frustrated server to a worldwide star have you completely enraptured from start to finish. You can see that she put every part of herself into that performance and it paid off and more.

Melissa McCarthy

as Lee Israel in Can You Ever Forgive Me?

McCarthy gave such a cleverly crafted performance in this role; in that the character’s past experiences and personality are only hinted at or just shown in the moment, and not spelled out for you. She was so funny, dry and raw at times (delivering her cat to the vets was a killer scene which made me respect her so much). I described her in my review as a “flawed heroine”, and that’s what she is; the unlikely person you know you shouldn’t be rooting for but you can’t help but not to.

Here’s what the other’s have to say:

“Yet again, it has been another fantastic year, filled with great performances by some truly talented ladies. All of these performances are excellent and worthy of winning the Oscar. For Yalitza Aparicio, having never acted before and being the beating heart of Cuaron’s personal masterpiece, is such a wonderful achievement. Though A Star is Born isn’t her first acting credit, it was her first leading role. As well as demonstrating her immense talent as a singer, she absolutely held her own opposite Bradley Cooper. Melissa McCarthy is so often the funny comedic character in her films, but for CYEFM? she made a welcome switch to a more dramatic role, and it got a career best performance out of her in the process. I would be delighted to see Olivia Colman, the Queen herself, win for her utterly hilarious turn in The Favourite but I fully expect the Academy to give Glenn Close, after a glittering career that has earned her an incredible seven nominations, the Oscar.”

“It’s a little difficult for me to comment on this year’s contenders because I haven’t seen Glenn Close or Melissa McCarthy in action – though they’re apparently excellent – but Lady Gaga and Olivia Colman deserve their nominations; Gaga shows off her unbelievably incredible singing voice AND proves she can really act, while Colman is excellent when showing Queen Anne’s flighty and childlike behaviour as well as her troubled soul and fragile nature. Plus, Yulitza Aparicio shines brightly in her Roma performance, leaving all others in the shade and proving mighty impressive for a first time actress. I’d choose Lady Gaga to win but apparently, it’s very likely to go to Glenn Close.”

“Glenn Close feels nailed on at this point: her overdue narrative, steady wins between critic groups and the guilds and her great performance in only a good film all work in her favour. Olivia Colman is the only one who could stage an upset, and a shock it would be. Of the two, I’d hand it to Colman, but Melissa McCarthy’s acerbic, tragicomic performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? is my favourite”

How do I want it to go down?

As always, this category is near impossible for me to judge. I was just floored by every single one of these performances, connected emotionally with each character and adore each actress. I would love to see it go to Olivia Colman or Lady Gaga: Colman because the speech would be incredible and she would be the happiest and most deserving person on the planet; and Gaga because it would touch her so deeply that I’m sure I would sob right along with her.

How do I think it will go down?

It’s a tough call – it’s been a bit up and down award show to awards show. I think the three real contenders are Close, Colman and Gaga; with the award likely going to one of the first two.

Who do you think will win best actress? And who do you want to win? Let me know in a comment here or tweet me!

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I will be watching along with the awards live, despite it meaning a near 6am bedtime for me here in the UK so if you want to keep up with me during the show make sure you’re following me on twitter!

For now, let’s all just hold our breathes and hope the Academy can do us proud…



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