If you’ve been living under a rock, this week potentially the biggest Blockbuster the world has ever seen is being released. After twenty two films, the MCU is ending it’s current phase with Avengers: Endgame.

And I have some thoughts going into it.

After last April’s Infinity War, many questions have been buzzing round mine and many people’s heads. So, tonight I have rewatched Infinity War and written up some of those questions here before I get them all answered tomorrow night when I go to see Endgame.

Here we go:

What did Doctor Strange see?
In Infinity War, Stephen Strange looked into a ton of possibilities of the future using his Time Stone. And after that, he willingly handed over that very Time Stone. So what was it that he say that made giving it to Thanos the best option? I don’t want him to pop up at the end and be all “I told you so”, but I do hope he knows what he’s doing.

What role is Captain Marvel going to play?
As established in last month’s Captain Marvel film, Carol Danvers is a pretty powerful woman. Maybe even, the best Marvel superhero. She was Nick Fury’s emergency contact, that he didn’t cash in on until now so she is a big deal. I don’t want her to come in a crush it alone, instead just bring something else to the team. Also I need to see more of her character, and see how she’s adapted over the twenty-so years since the events of Captain Marvel.

Is Loki dead for real?
I’ve thought this whole time that his death was far too easy in Infinity War, and with it only being ten minutes into the film it would be easy for fans to have forgotten about it in regards to the rest of the deaths at the end. I thought he was too loved a character for Marvel to kill, as Loki has a pretty devoted fanbase that I thought they wouldn’t waste. But watching it back – I think that was it guys. Even Thanos says “No resurrections this time”. I do think he’s done. And while it’s sad, I’m glad. There’s only so many times a character can come back from the death before it gets old.

Hawk-Eye is back?
Yes, and with a cool haircut? He was dearly missed from Infinity War and I’m excited to see what he brings to Endgame. I’m just so excited to see the whole squad back together.

What will Ant-Man’s role be?
However much I would love the Thanus theory to be correct (because come on, that would work), I doubt that happening. But Ant-Man is a lot more powerful than he is given credit for, and I think he has the potential to do some serious harm.

Will this be the film where my mum finally sees the attraction in Chris Evans?
My mum currently believes that Chris Evans is, and I quote “a regular boy on the street not a a Hollywood Star”. I know – even with the beard and hair from Infinity War. EVEN THEN. This may be our last shot guys, it needs to happen.

Will I be able to get through with Black Widow’s hair looking like that?
I’m joking – it’s cool that her hair has faded from the blonde of Infinity War back to red. It’s just such an awkward mix of colours. But I need to see more of her in this film.

Who will come back from the death?
I am pretty confident that both Black Panther and Spider-Man at least will come back from being dusted; based purely on the fact they both have solo sequels coming out. I also find it hard to believe that only those two characters would be brought back out of them all, so I feel like potentially all of the dusted characters (and half the world with them) will come back.

I’ve already talked about Loki, but what about Gamora? Is she going to stay dead? I don’t know – her death, again, felt pretty final. But, in a similar sense to Black Panther and Spider-Man, it’s confirmed there will be a third Guardians of the Galaxy film coming out. And Gamora is a pivotal part of those films.

Will Captain America and/or Iron Man die?
I honestly don’t know about this. It’s highly speculated that they will die, and I could see it actually being the ‘survivors’ that are the ones for real not making it by the end of this film. As the OG stand-alone Avengers (along with Thor) they are the ones that carry the most power behind them and that puts them at most risk… It is the culmination of eleven years of cinema, and it might be time to cut off some ties. I’ll take tissues with me.

Who will kill Thanos?
I would like to see it go down like this: the whole team can get a go at beating Thanos to a bloody pulp, but Nebula should get the killing blow. As his daughter, she deserves that more than anyone. If Gamora is brought back, then it has to be the two of them that finish him off.

Should Thanos even be defeated?
Thanos is scary because he truly believes that what he is doing is for the good of the world. And scarier yet, I understand it too – humans are terrible. We pollute and overpopulate; and he does make a few points. He’s misguided, but with a scarily fair point. It’s because of that, that I ask: should he even be defeated?

What do you think? Obviously I want the good guys to pull through, but it’s an interesting question to ask yourself.

I’m hoping that all these questions will be answered for me tomorrow night, when I see the film. I will be posting my thoughts on twitter afterwards and on my blog on Friday, so keep your eyes peeled then.

Regardless of what happens, I know that I will definitely be mourning Captain America’s beard.

Avengers: Endgame is in cinemas this week



  1. I would say all your questions will be answered (other than possibly Chris Evans, and one particularly dodgy do from BW…) I’ve written a spoiler free review, but now need to lie down in a darkened room and try to recompose myself…there were a whole lot of big surprises to get through…

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