2019 has been a truly wild ride.

I made some major personal and professional achievements this year

And to see everything I’ve done summed up in the stats of this post is equal parts surreal and comforting. I am very proud of everything I’ve achieved.

Here’s a run down on the best bits.

this year I….

Watched 158 films

Saw 38 seasons of 20 television shows

Read 19 books

Saw 10 theatre shows

Attended 1 film festival

Saw 5 comedy shows and 1 comedy festival

And went to 2 concerts, 1 convention and 1 Secret Cinema 

I published 153 blog posts, and doubled the views on this blog from 2018.

I uploaded 11 videos which gave me 2157 views.

I got headshots taken, completed my showreel, and added 2 official credits to my IMDb page.

I acted in 3 short films, 1 voiceover role and 1 feature film

My debut short film Quadratura was accepted into 3 festivals (and counting) and won 1, which saw me spend the day at Pinewood Studios.

I moved to London.

I made such progress with my health that I no longer live with daily chronic pain.

I continued to work on my mental health by having weekly therapy

And most importantly, above everything else:

I met 3 more actors from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This year has been monumental.

I really have to try to remind myself to be grateful and proud for all I have done – and more than anything, I beg of you to do the same.

I’ll see you all in 2020 folks. Happy new year.

Maddy x


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