Inspired by my good friend Jamie over at When the Credits Roll, I’m taking us back to the start of this godforsaken year to January 5th, when I posted a list of films I was l looking forward to in the year ahead: you can read it here if you want to see an example of the hope we used to carry around with us.

Today, I’m revisiting that past, naive self, and am reviewing my watchlist for 2020. Strap yourselves in, because this is going to get depressing.

Uncut Gems
The Personal History of David Copperfield
The Lighthouse

We’re off to a pretty great start!

Apart from Seberg, I’ve seen all of these – though it took me all of 2020 to get to them all (I only ticked off The Lighthouse this week). I had a pretty decent start to the year, and was in the cinema at least once a week if not more – it’s giving me pain to think back on.

Birds of Prey
Portrait of a Lady on Fire

February was obviously a success, as I’ve seen every single one of these! 

Admittedly I had already seen Parasite at a preview screening in December and had included it in my 2019 lineup, but I was so excited to see it hit theatres in the UK officially – I saw it another two times when it did. Birds of Prey was a blast to see with a group of m favourite friends, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire stunned me when I rented it on Curzon the weekend before lockdown.

February was a gorgeous month, spent traveling around the country to visit my favourite people in-between shifts, and I squeezed a whole load of cinema trips in there. So thankful I did.

A Quiet Place: Part 2

And now we nosedive.

A Quiet Place: Part 2 was one of the first major films to be rescheduled, with a new release standing in April of 2021, so we’ll see where that goes. Mulan made it as far as a world premiere, before promptly being pulled before it’s original March 27th release, and then suffered four more failed release dates before finally stumbling onto home streaming services and then Disney+ this December. I have seen that, though obviously I waited until it was free and not £20.

Onward would have been my last trip to the cinema pre-lockdown, but (and I simply can not make this up), as I was driving to the cinema I received news that my dad’s health was rapidly declining and ended up driving cross country to see him. He died two weeks later. This is funny because the film is about two brothers embarking on a quest to bring their dead father back for one day.

I still haven’t seen it.

No Time to Die
Promising Young Woman

Ha. Ha ha ha. 

Bond’s latest outing is now to be released in early April, though again, we’ll see how that goes. The most embarrassing thing about it all has been Billie Eilish’s theme song of the same name for the film being promoted then silenced every few months, every time the studios thought we were getting close to be able to release the film. Are we just going to pretend it’s still new and exciting when it does come out? Please let me know the plan.

I can’t believe that we were actually going to get Promising Young Woman at a similar time to the US, and now it’s in theatres there and we have to wait until FEBRUARY. I will NOT be making a further comment, this one riles me up the most because the ONE thing that could have got me through this year 100% would have been Carey Mulligan fucking over men.

Black Widow


This one irks me, because as IF we had to wait so long for Marvel to make this film only for a pandemic to push it back. Coronavirus is sexist, there I said it. It’s currently expected May 7th, so shall we hold out hope? I literally don’t even care, I just want to see Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and David Harbour on a screen together.

Wonder Woman 1984
In the Heights

Well, Wonder Woman 1984 and Soul at least just made it to audiences in 2020; and In the Heights was pushed back to June 2021.

I haven’t seen Wonder Woman 1984 yet because the UK is really bad right now, and there is not a single cinema open in Wales, where I’m currently living. But, I’m hearing mixed things from the people who have been able to see it, so I’m not sure how fast I’m running to see it.

Soul is on my watchlist for tonight after dinner, so at least Disney Pixar will have been able to make me cry once this year.

Free Guy
Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Jungle Cruise

Was anyone expecting Tenet to be the defining theatrical release of 2021? You know the story, so I won’t run it by you again, but yes, Tenet did come out almost as planned.

I was fortunate enough that where I was living in the summer was a small, out of the way place low on cases with a local independent cinema. I managed to go four times, and Tenet was the only instance where there was more than ten people in the screen: a whopping twelve viewers! Thanks Christopher Nolan, you saved the business. When you think about it, Tenet is a good representation of 2020: confusing, up and down, and making everyone thankful for Robert Pattinson.

Free Guy is currently set for mid May, so I have to wait a little longer to see the soon to be iconic pairing that is Jodie Comer and Joe Keery. Ghostbusters is supposedly coming on 26th March, though to be honest I’d completely forgotten about it; and Jungle Cruise was also pushed back a year to July 30th.

I had written that it seemed silly thinking about a Jungle Cruise movie all things considered, but there is nothing silly about waiting for Dwayne Johnson in that little hat.

Last Night in SoHo

Edgar Wright’s latest film was actually die for September release, so I don’t know why I included it as August – was it pushed back a few times? Honestly, there’s no way I can remember, I lived in a different world when I made this. Anyways, I need to see Anya Taylor Joy running around sixties London ASAP so everything better get safer for it’s new, April 2021 date or else.

Luckily, according to this list, this was the penultimate film I was looking forward to of this year, so there’s only a little more disappointment to go.

West Side Story

“I have to say, of this whole list the one I’m most looking forward to is West Side Story”

– me, January 2020.


Though we all could have done with a big sing song as soon as possible, Spielberg pulled a power move and pushed this back until December 2021. Throw in this year’s revelations about Ansel Elgort and you’ve got yourself a quote from me that aged terribly. I even made West Side Story the damn featured image of that whole damned piece in January.

Let’s hope people are sensible, governments are competent and the vaccine is rolled out, because I need to watch Rachel Zegler attend the Oscars with nominations under her belt.

This was not a good idea. Did I learn nothing from Jamie’s post?

Of the twenty five films I was looking forward to, I have seen thirteen; which I think is actually pretty good all things considered. I am genuinely so grateful I was able to see what I did, without compromising mine or anyone else’s safety.

I miss the cinema. I’d do anything to be back in a small dark room with a hundred people eating popcorn experiencing a film up on the big screen again. I can’t wait to return.

Again, huge thanks to When the Credits Roll for this idea – I highly recommend you check out his blog as he churns out some monumental pieces (he dedicated five months to watching and ranking every single Best Picture winner this year).

Stay safe, and keep your head up. We’ve got some great films waiting for us the other side of all this.

6 thoughts on “HOW MY 2020 WATCHLIST TURNED OUT

    1. I miss it so much too – I managed to catch one university show in February and one socially distanced outdoor production in the summer and that’s it. Breaks my heart, can’t wait to get it back.


      1. Was only able to catch two shows. Luckily the tour of Come From Away and Opera Carolina’s La Bohème happened in January.

        Then after that, no more seeing musicals in person—hope the US starts their tours again 2021

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